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Large CNC Machining

Our purpose built, modern machine shop houses a wide range of CNC machines, including;

  • CNC vertical boring from 1m to 6.8m diameter
  • CNC milling/drilling up to 11.5m length
  • CNC lathe turning to 3m between centres (900mm diameter)
  • Lifting equipment up to 72 tonnes

Our machine operators are a highly skilled team with years of expertise in the machining of heavy engineering components.

Precision inspection equipment includes a Faro Arm Quantum 12´ and a Faro 3D Laser Tracker (up to 50m)

Please contact us for full details of our capacity.

Precision machined componentsLarge plate machiningTees Components - CNC travelling column milling machine, 11.5m x 3m x 1.5m. With new 4m x 4m CNC rotary table, fully integrated, up to 130 tonnes loading.Large CNC Horizontal Boring MillingFabrication being machinedLarge CNC Machining FacilityLarge Heavy CNC Vertical MachiningSchiess CNC Floor Borer 10m
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